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ost of the people underestimate their mental skills, that is because they don´t know the techniques and the existing procedures that will help them to activate them, Also due to the fact that they are not informed from what their potential could be with these activities. Such capabilities can boost with a better mind management in a systematic and long-lasting way, hence it allows you to surpass yourself and reach personal aspirations.

The moment to achieve it is now, and the place is the School of Memory. With its training programs you will get surprising skills that will boost your concentration and attention, also you will process the information faster and your memorizing ability will increase substancially. 

We want you to introduce you the most-used techniques in this competitive field in order to be able to take full advantatge.
If we can do it, you can too. You just have to make the decision.
You will be able to check that with a good technique and training you will be able to go to the infinity and beyond.
The online training allows you a maximum flexibility in the programmes, therefore the program will tailor your schedules.

Your personalized guide in the techniques that use the Worldwide Champions use in Fast Memory.

  • Improve your confidence on a daily basis
  • Face new intellectual challenges with advanced tools
  • Address your goals with confidence in its success
  • Boost your career
  • Increase your concentration and attention capacity
  • Process and memorize more information


The school of memory on Internet

Miguel Ángel Vergara. Interview in “LA VANGUARDIA”.

“The memory is trained… yes, and at the same time it is developed. I’ve been able to check that the neuronal plasticity and subject to the brain to a continuous training, it hugely improves our skills and it allows you to make things that seem impossible.”

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A prodigious memory. Els Matins de TV3.

“Miguel Ángel vergara has done a speed memory demonstration in the set explaining why he´s the speed memory worldwide champion.”

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El Matins, TV3

José Mª Bea in Los Increíbles in Antena3

José María Bea faced an incredible challenge. He had to memorize in barely some minutes the licenses plates of 50 motorbikes and place  in its pertinent motorbike five licenses plates chosen randomly. He guessed correctly four but he failed the fifth one. Today he bets double or nothing. He will have to serve the dinner correctly to 50 dinner guests.

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Los Increíbles, Antena 3
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Brain Master. Kit starter program to the high competition in fast memory

Access to the world of the competition from the hand of champions and specialists in the discipline.
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