About the School of Memory

The School of Memory was conceived in a natural and spontaneously way as a reply to this challenges and being conscious of handling how the memory plays in our mental processes. Its core is built around the world of the elite competition, constituting the substratum of knowledge and demanding test bench for its successful methodology. Founded by the worldwide champion in speed-memory, Miguel Angel Vergara and the international master in speed-memory Jose Ma Bea, both bring together the training, the research and the community building of specialists and competition.

Its specific objectives focus on the concrete development of training programs, the software implementation for the competition, the communication and spreading activities, as well as the collaboration with other institutions and charities..


Our Story

Miguel Ángel Vergara and José Ma Bea are the founders of the School of Memory. From its passion for the speed memory competitions, their personal and professional experience, their wish to share it with the others, and a big friendship, the School of Memory becomes a reality. Both have been very linked to the speed memory championships from 2007 and both have been trained by the speed memory record holder and previous worldwide champion, Ramon Campayo.

Miguel Ángel Vergara is the currently worldwide champion in speed memory. Owner also of other titles such as Grand Diamond Master. In between his achievements, he has surpassed 4 worldwide records in 3 events. Moreover, he has memorized 21 decimal numbers in 1 second, 31 in 4 seconds and 50 binary numbers in just one second. José Ma bea is the international master in speed memory from 2007 and he is the author of the mental training software used in the speed memory competition and the School of Memory course.

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