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The importance of memory

As memory specialists we are conscious that the time can be a relevant factor in its decline, for this we want to share our achievements and successes in a practical and tangible way, like personal act and also as social responsibility. Therefore we have launched a small initiative for those who want to solidarize with those who are losing their memory: We give 2% of the amount of each course to charities that are fighting against the Alzheimer.


How Can I collaborate?

2% of the income will go to Alzheimer charities.
You can access to any of the associations/charities which we are collaborating with.

Contribute to the cause

If you want to contribute, it isn’t necessary to be enrolled in our courses, just visit our charity page.

If you are a collective…

If you are taking part of an association and you are interested in appearing to this section, just contact with School of Memory through the contact form.

We are a channel

The School of Memory directs through its website, a donation system in collaboration with charities over the world to help Alzheimer people to make their life easier and so open a door to the hope.



Una contribución para ayudar a combatir el Alzheimer en Memoria Rápida.

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